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COVID-19 loss of smell, parosmia, anosmia and phantosmia smell treatment

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Key learning points

Loss of smell = anosmia

Parosmia = smelling something but it smells incorrect

Phantosmia = smelling something that isn't there

"Smell physiotherapy" can be done to restore smell loss, due to activating smell stem cells in the olfactory (smell) cranial (head) nerve - "use it or lose it" principle with neurons

Further details

To restore lost smell: 20 seconds of 4 different essential oil smells twice a day for 4 months whilst concentrating on the smell and thinking about memories that trigger that smell, and trying to get it to the top of your nose rather than the lungs

"Recovery of smell is much slower because the olfactory neurons need time to regenerate from the supply of stem cells within the lining of the nose. Initial recovery is often associated with distortion of the sense of smell known as parosmia, where things don’t smell like they used to. For many parosmics, for instance, the smell of coffee is often described as burnt, chemical, dirty and reminiscent of sewage."

A method of tracking your improvements in smell loss is the table below

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